Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Excitment

With the crisp Autumn air here and Halloween somehow staring us in the face it is time for THE RETURN, for the return of THE COACH’S TAKE.   There will be some new flavor, a lot more posts and a lot more to say coming from the Coach and his network. 

We have had quite a few weeks of action this Fall that looks as if it will only get more and more exciting as we move into November.   Though the Yankees Phillies re-match, which many including the Coach wanted to see, will not happen thanks to poor New York Yankee pitching and Ryan Howard somehow thinking he would actually draw a walk, the World Series will most likely be a real good matchup, too bad many will not be watching as both the NFL (off to a very strong start after 7 weeks) and tonight’s NBA tip-off of what promises to be one of the most exciting season’s ever is upon us. 

Our preferences as viewers have changed do to the times, technology and shifting tastes.  Baseball, when markets like San Francisco and Texas are fighting for the World Series trophy just doesn’t really do it for us out east, especially when the NFL and NBA are on the upswing.

So while you may be completely burnt out on ESPN over killing anything and everything that is a big sports new story, we promise to keep it fresh here and offer some views with reasoning and insight, instead of jamming catch phrases and numbers in your face 24/7.

With the NBA set for one of the most anticipated regular season games in league history to open its season tonight, we bring you the return of THE COACH’S TAKE.

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