Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Carlos Boozer is the latest domino to fall, agreeing to a five-year, $80 million contract with the Chicago Bulls.

This to me signals that Chicago is OUT of the Lebron picture.  If LeBron was leaning towards the Bulls I think they would have waited on Boozer until the weekend.  Yahoo sports is reporting the LeBron choice is down to Miami and Cleveland but the Coach again thinks he is heading to NYC.  As I have stated Lebron will have a chance to create his own immortal legacy in the greatest city in the world if he comes to the Knicks, period.  There is a ceiling in Cleveland, besides the fact that they are not even close to a championship caliber team at this point.  If he goes to Miami he is part of a fantastic trio, but it wouldn't be "his" team.  In New York, Amar'e will gladly be his sidekick and LeBron will be consulted by Walsh and D'Antoni on each and every personnel move after he puts on that blue and orange tomorrow night.  Looks like we may have some real deal Celtics Knicks games for the first time since the early 90's... SEND IT IN!

Back to Boozer real quick, real good fit for the Bulls.  He can post up, run the court, play pick n roll and pick n pop as well as rebound the ball.  Noah, Boozer and Deng is a well balanced front line that will work well with the continued emergence of Derrick Rose at the point.  Lots of Rose to Boozer this season with Noah cleaning up the leftovers.  Time to roll downtown... GET YOUR TAKE ON!

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