Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miami Bound

Just when you thought the hype around the LeBron announcement on ESPN would grab all of the attention we have a major development that surfaced last night, and it makes perfect sense, Wade and Bosh to the Heat.  With Miami in danger of getting no one because of Wade's interest in Chicago (or his supposed interest as he is making a documentary about his role in the free agency drama) the Heat appear to be close to bringing Wade back with Bosh as his front court side kick.  Obviously there are other holes to fill on the roster but this immediately makes the Heat a real contender and, no pun intended puts the Heat on the Knicks, Bulls, Magic, Cavs and Celtics to either make necessary roster improvements and/or make a big signing.

Again, I think LeBron is signing with the Knicks, which leaves the Bulls and Nets without being able to make a big free agent splash.  Don't look for the Nets to sign Boozer just for the sake of making a move as they like their cap flexibility and top draft pick Derrick Favors at the forward position.  Boozer to the Bulls to play up front next to Noah and to effectively play the screen roll game with Rose makes some logical sense for Chicago.  David Lee also remains in the mix, as a sign and trade piece or to go where he choses which seems more likely with LeBron about to sign with the Knicks in 36 hours.

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