Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Off Court Drama at its Best

The fans have made a special request...during a special time and maybe, just maybe this IS, that TIME.  The epic seven game series between the Celtics and Lakers which followed an improbable and extremely emotional run through the playoffs by the Green really had me just watching in awe as each night was more draining watching from the Gramercy Garden.  BBQ's, beers, laughs and insults went on for 6 straight weeks up until the evening of game 7.  And while losing the game in the fashion they did was flat out heartbreaking as a fan it was an incredible ride that I am so thrilled to have lived through as a basketball junkie.  

But what is currently happen now smack in the middle of the free agent frenzy of 2010 is almost as ridiculous as watching Quagmire change Joe's diaper (Cartoon Network HD to the tin!)  

The conversations, predictions and affect these decisions will have on the next 10 years of NBA basketball is quite monumental.  I think it is pretty certain 90% of the analysts, writers, bloggers, uninvolved gm's, involved gm's, sports agents, actors and entertainers who pretend to be basketball  fans and any young fan out there with a clue that either LeBron or Wade would have been the first big name to sign starting a domino effect that would trigger the signing of the rest of the big names and down the line.  Enter the Knicks, they had both the foresight and the guts to sign Amar'e to a max deal completely throwing off all the other teams in the race.  Miami, Jew Jersey, Cleveland, and Chicago are now feeling even more pressure to make the proper moves and make them quickly.  

Here is the thing with LeBron that my associate from the dark side Doctor Stock shared with the News Team earlier, "He'd be a pussy not to. He owes nothing else to Cleveland."  Well, my man Stock always speaks his mind which is why he is such a valuable member to the Coaching Staff but there are other reasons why the Coach thinks the King has now shifted much of his attention to playing in the holy city.  I think if he was going back to Cleveland he would have simply done it already.  The Amar'e move got him leaning back towards New York and realizing a 2-3 year wait to potentially get all the pieces in place in New York is really not that long considering what the rewards will be, which of course will be unimaginable financial success but even more so the possibility of living in New York lore as a champion.  

So with LeBron and ESPN now building this off the court business drama towards Bauer Season 2 like heights, all we, the other free agents, gm's and all others checking their twitter accounts a dozen times per minute can do is sit back and wait until Thursday night at 9pm.  With forty five hours to go I think the Knicks have moved into the lead...

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