Tuesday, November 10, 2009

X's and O's & The Celts off to a great start... as expected

Is a 7-1 start for any NBA team a great sign?  Of course it is.  But when it comes to the Celtics it was clearly expected.  Eight games in twelve days to start the season is a great test to see where your team is coming out of training camp and the Celtics are locked in as predicted.  The scary thing is that Kevin Garnett is just showing signs of finding his offensive rhythm, while Paul Pierce is off to a very productive and efficient start to the year.  Welcoming back the Green to my life on a day to day basis again is a wonderful thing.

Now when November comes around it is more than just NBA and the Celtics, it is time for the Coach, well, to do just that, Coach.  With Five-Star Basketball NY, which is my instruction and training program that began in September in full swing, it is time to turn to the team building at my prep school.  In a growing school (we just started our first 9th grade) I am the guy that is building the boys program as I coach our 7th-9th grade team and our younger 5th and 6th grade team.  To say that this is a challenge is a slight understand.  Don't get me wrong, these are some of the nicest kids I have ever worked with, but that is part of the problem.  Getting them to focus, work hard and compete on a day to day basis is quite a challenge.  There is such a difference between coaching a city public school kid versus a private school kid.  I work with both on a consistent basis, needless to say I need to adjust my approach a bit from one to the other.

A new season is always exciting, the flu running rampant is not helping but the Coach is gonna find a way to get it done this season as exhausting as it may become.  Speaking of exhausted, I am still reeling from my trip to Philly two weekends ago where I attended Pearl Jam who was there to close the Spectrum, the World Series and the Giants Eagles matchup.  While the football game was terrible the whole experience was pretty awesome, and thankfully much of it was captured on video which I am turning into a documentary, editing has just began.  I'll say this from my Philadelphia experience, I have never been prouder to be from New York.  I'll let the footage do the rest of the talking.

This past weekend with the LeBron madness in NYC I did some work for Nike as they were sponsoring open runs for youth basketball players all over the city.  Friday night we got it in before the open gyms on Saturday.  What a night!  It is great when I can catch up with a whole group of people I don't get to see very often at the same time.  Great look Friday night... Coach was up LATE...

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