Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TONIGHT!!! Let's Go!!!

Well tonight is the night, it is here, the 2009-2010 NBA season finally begins.  And amidst all the excitement Big Baby Davis of the Celtics, a key piece to their second unit breaks his thumb in a non basketball altercation and will be lost for at least 2 months if not longer.  Are you kidding me?  This is why these guys need LIFE MANAGERS.  Not just an agent for the contract or a marketing guy for the side stuff like camps and appearances.  LIFE MANAGERS.  Each team should have a LIFE MANAGER for any player under the age of...hmmm....27 years old?  Have that with your breakfast and let Coach know what you think.

Back to the positive, tonight's opener in Cleveland.  The Celtics and the Cavs do not like each other as they are both after the same thing.  LeBron is coming off of an MVP season but a disappointing exit from the post-season prompted them to go out get Shaquille O'Neal to man the paint as well as add Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon to the wings.  With Delonte West appearing to go completely off the deep end (Coach is saddened by this as Delonte was a beloved Celtic) the Cavs have upgraded overall from last season.

We all know what the Celtics did personnel wise, now it is time to see the results on the court.  KG is back, he is full go, he is ready, he has a chip on his shoulder, best of luck to every other front line player that has to compete against him this season.  This is a 60 plus win basketball team barring any missed time from the big three, Rondo or Sheed.   This is a team focused one thing, getting that Chip back.

Tonight is one game in a marathon season, but as basketball fans we know this is a top heavy league and these big time regular season games say something about your team, especially when you are going on the road.  Cleveland will no doubt be rocking tonight as this is their only respectable pro team at the moment as the Browns are an embarrassment and the Indians, well the Indians have decided that they enjoy watching their players play for other teams in the playoffs and World Series instead of holding
onto them, see:  CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Casey Blake, Ronny Belliard and Ben Francisco.  While this has zero effect on tonight it is happening at an interesting time, a time where Cleveland cannot afford to watch LeBron James walk out of Ohio.  Will tonight be LeBron's last opening night as a Cav?

Coach has an all-star team coming to the Gate tonight, basketball guys, guys you'd want to go to battle with.  Sounds familiar to the guys wearing the green uniforms.  Today promises to crawl along, it always does when you are hyped for something 12 hours down the line.

I'm just lucky to have a team like this to be passionate about and enjoy watching.  Coach has a goal for this season, enjoy the heck out of the Celtics and the NBA.  It starts tonight, go get it Green!

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