Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NFC's Best?

Last night while drafting a very strong fantasy basketball team at Traffic Bar (my man Joey X taking care of the crew as always) I simply stated that the Giants have the opportunity to bury the Cowboys alive tonight in their own stadium.  After another interesting Eli Manning start, that is exactly what they did, well, until Eli made yet again another JV decision with five minutes to go in regulation leading by 18 points on a 3rd and 5 where he threw the ball blindly off of his back foot, across his body into the left flat where of course it was intercepted by Dallas.  Now, this should not have been a big deal, but it was for both the Coach and the Giants as my opposition in the fantasy football world last night was Jason Witten, and Eli made the Giant defense come back out onto the field instead of the offense smashing the ball down Dallas’ throat, eating up the remaining time on the clock and as stated above, finish the job of burying them alive in their own stadium.  Instead, Witten gets the two point conversion to put my team to bed for the week once again on Monday night and the Giants have to hold on for a 6 point win, instead of a more psychologically convincing 18 point beat down in big D.  At least the President and the Pistol got a great laugh out of the Witten situation.  In between the 4th quarter turnovers and fantasy meltdown warnings a question arouse within the hallowed Gramercy Garden, who is the best team in the NFC?  Is it the Giants?  The Falcons? Does it change week to week?  You’ll get my take on it soon enough, if you would, leave yours below.  BIG DAY!!!

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