Thursday, August 2, 2007

Enough of this guy already!!!

It is time for this guy to shut his mouth.

I have been biding my time on a certain topic, but I can hold back no longer. Not after his quotes in the New York Post today, and not after all the you tubing that has been going on for the past month or so. Some of you may have felt it coming, yes, Stephon Marbury. Now I am not going to claim to know him personally man to man, (I did direct his basketball camp once, that was far from amusing) but from what I can gather between spending an afternoon with him two years ago, his performance as a Knick and the way he has conducted himself in front of a camera especially this off season it is time to let loose a bit on this guy. All right more than a bit, a lot!!! This morning I read that Marbury is not concerned with KG going to Boston and that the new look Knicks (now regarded as “Nice and Nasty”) has an edge because they have a year of chemistry. Um, wait, yeah, didn’t the Knicks just bring in a major player just like the Celtics did? (Except Garnett is a future Hall of Famer and Zach Randolph is closer to being a future felon if he does not learn how to behave, being in New York should help that out.) Good point Steph.

This guy had New York at his feet when he was shipped back here during the 2004 season from Phoenix. He was raised in Coney Island, was a city legend at Lincoln high school, had an unreal start to his career with KG in Minnesota after one year at Georgia Tech. Then it all started. He forced his way out of Minnesota (he blames GM Kevin McHale of course, did I mention how much I LOVE Kevin McHale) then bounces from New Jersey to Phoenix and then to the Knicks.

At the time I thought Isiah Thomas acquiring him was a no brainer. Then came the contract extension he demanded which this upcoming year will pay him $20 million and a bit more the year after that. What’s interesting is what Marbury plans to do after his contract is up. He plans on going to play in Italy. Hmmm. A man who could be loosing his marbles (we have plenty of you tube evidence which you will find below) or a man with a plan in place that will get him out of New York and onto the court in Italy where he can be the man and no one will be regarding him as an all time underachieving selfish malcontent that essentially stole money from the Knicks in regards to his on court value. As I mentioned in a previous post while referring to Tony Gwynn’s Hall of Fame induction speech last week “you have a responsibility when you put that uniform on.” In my eyes and many others Stephon Marbury has not fulfilled his on court responsibility or as the leader of the New York Knicks.

Yes, he created Starbury’s, a low priced sneaker, designed for the under privileged of New York, which is a wonderful thing. What was the chance that was Steph’s idea? Close to zero. But I must say, good move by Marbury by going full speed after the project. (I must say though the sneakers look like moon boots and are not all that conducive to playing in, but that is not the point.) I guess what I am trying to say is part of me thinks he has done this to deflect the attention away from his less than stellar on court performance and increasingly strange off the court behavior. I am not going to sit here and go over the stat column, but what I will say is this: “For a player that physically gifted at the point guard position, he has never made his teammates better. I don’t care about the assist numbers, he has never raised the level of play of his teammates with any consistency.” That is his job, period. Not only that, he had a hand in one of the most disappointing coach/franchise relationships in the history of the game during Larry Brown’s stay. Now I am not removing all the blame from Brown, but Marbury time and again shot his mouth off in the media and did not follow Coach’s instructions. I think Larry Brown’s coaching resume in regards to taking over teams and getting them to the next level was quite respected, well until he had to deal with the mess of the Knicks, he got no help from the “team leader.” What Brown got was a miserable experience in New York, finger pointing and a large severance check from Dolan. He deserved better.

Below are some examples of Marbury’s “interesting” behavior this off-season. You tell me between his on court play and the way he represents this once proud franchise, if he is worth even half of what he is making on the pro sports landscape. (Take 5 seconds to think about the money these guys make, unreal)

Side note, make sure you DO NOT have any food or drink in your mouth while watching these. Especially on Mike’d up, which was hosted by Bruce Beck, priceless TV that I was able to watch live, simply priceless.

Mike’d Up

Just watch the whole thing, not almost all of it, ALL OF IT.

MSG Sports News

Can someone get me a "Yes Siir" count from the mouth of Marbury's ass kissing cronny? Key phrases to absorb...Youthier and Lefty Southpaw.

One on One with Gus Johnson

Gus follows up with Marbury on the Mike'd up interview, Gus is far from comfortable here.

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