Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Done Deal! Big Ticket to Beantown!

That’s right, the league approved it, ESPN just reported it, and I just wrote it.
Kevin Garnett is a member of the Boston Celtics. My favorite team, the team that I have been following since I was a little kid with big curly hair. The team that for the last 20 years has been lingering between mediocre and tragic. After all the heartbreak, misfortune, poor management and frustration here is our pay-day. The big ticket is in Green. Many fans are annoyed that the Celtics traded away the “future” for a shot to win now in the current window the team has in the eastern conference. Annoyed!!! How are you annoyed with Kevin Garnett joining the Boston Celtics? Yes, this is a bold move, but a move that had to be done after the misfortune on draft lottery night. Many think they know what a great talent Kevin Garnett is, most don’t know the half of it. This guy plays with a passion and a fire that no one in the game can match. He simply brings it every single night.

Guess what Rick Pitino? Kevin Garnett is walking thru that door, he is walking thru it for a 6pm press conference to join the Celtics. While I could sit here and tear apart the jobs Pitino, M.L. Carr, Chris Wallace and to an extent Danny Ainge did, move by move I will not. I also will not list all of the bad drafts, playoff disappointments, tragedies and front office issues that have happened since the Big Three left for good 15 years ago. That is not to mention the teasing, the negative comments and the dreadful conversations I have been subjected to be involved in with certain New York Knick and New Jersey Net fans throughout the years (You know who you are, Mac, you are obviously not included here)

It is a time to celebrate the return of basketball to Boston and the return of the Celtics to the forefront of the NBA. They now have three all stars who are hungry, real hungry. Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have one glaring thing in common, they have never played in the NBA finals. I can’t wait to see the chemistry these three develop out there on the court. Another interesting thing to take note of is this; all three have appeared in the conference finals one time each. The same year each of these players played in the conference finals (Ray Allen in 2001 with the Bucks, Pierce in 2002 and Garnett in 2004) they had the best player that they had ever played with along with them. Glen Robinson with Allen in Milwaukee, Antoine Walker with Pierce in Boston and the combination of Sprewell and Cassell with Garnett in Minnesota. Now all three of these players will be wearing the same uniform, working towards the same goal; making the Celtics a champion again.

To give you an idea of the kind of competitor and talent that Garnett is watch the two videos below. This guy is all about the game and about TEAM. It is so refreshing.

Yes, the Celtics have to add a few little pieces to solidify things and starting tomorrow I will start figuring out who fits best and how the money works out, but until then it is time to sit back, smile and enjoy.

A special thanks to those close to me that have supported me thru the good times and bad of being a Celtics fan. You know who you are…

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ybloc said...

Thank God the Coach is back...brilliant work as always my man, your Pulitzer is on the way!!