Monday, July 30, 2007

Done Deal?

I spent the second half of the afternoon at Niketown, filming a WNBA/Nike event for my man PR at Nike Basketball.
When I was done I had a boat load of text messages and emails to sort out, mostly in regards to the Kevin Garnett deal to Boston, which is all but finalized. I want to rejoice, I want to start yelling like I just dunked on Zach Randolph the new youthier player on the hated Knicks, but I can't yet. I need to wait until this is officially, official. I have been digging since 6pm but I think the deal will not be approved by the league until Tuesday morning. The other sticking point with me, not a deal breaker, but a something I am hoping is that Ryan Gomes is not going to Minnesota along with Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff and Sebastian Telfair. Gomes is a unique player, and since we are trading 4 for 1 it would be nice to keep Gomes as a solid reserve for the NEW CELTICS. There will also be times when Gomes can team with Garnett up front at the 4 and 5 spots when the team wants to have a quicker lineup in the game.

To be brutally honest and you will find me just that most of the time, this has not set in yet. After the debacle of last season, the disappointment of draft lottery night and 20 years of struggles I guess I had my doubts on whether Danny Ainge could pull this off. It looks like he actually did, but we will know officially Tuesday morning. Until then I will be manning the grill on the balcony, chilling with my news team and dreaming of what could be banner #17.

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