Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Night Mix

The Monday Mix

After a wild wedding weekend here in the city there are a number of things that linger from last week that I did not touch on. Before I hit those though I need to stress just how hysterical and well done the film “Knocked Up” is. As part of my recovery from a 5am night on Saturday I saw a 4pm showing of Knocked Up yesterday (the theatre is around the corner from my crib, it couldn’t have been any easier) If for some reason you have not seen it yet make it a priority while it is still playing and while the theatres (besides the FILM FORUM, are filled mostly with crap this summer Knocked Up IMO is a notch above the 40 Year Old Virgin and a notch below Wedding Crashers.

The Film Forum is smack in the middle of a NYC Film Noir Festival playing countless classics from Sweet Smell of Success to Taxi Driver to Killer’s Kiss (Stanly Kubrick’s first real feature) and a one-week run of the French Connection starting August 30.

The Return of Rick Ankiel
A few years back even when Rick Ankiel couldn’t find home plate with a compass, a map and a GPS it was always reiterated what a tremendous all around athlete he was and that if it called for it he could be in the big leagues as a position player. Welcome back Rick. Last week Ankiel returned to the Cardinals as an outfielder. In four games Ankiel has six hits in sixteen at bats including three homeruns, which included two on Saturday against the Dodgers. And just when you thought the homeruns were enough, he makes a sliding over the shoulder catch at the base of the right field wall to further prove that he does indeed have that special something that is gonna keep him in up here for more than an extended cup of coffee. Great job Rick. This is another great baseball story to get our minds off of the needles.

The Celtics Bench
In an off season where you add Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to your club you’d expect and embrace the hype that you have gotten in the press and the excitement now brewing in all Celtics fans hearts and minds across the country. With Allen, Garnett and Paul Pierce this team promises to be very dangerous this season. Many are saying however that this team has no chance of getting deep into the playoffs because of their bench, which before I go on is far from finalized yet. Recently signed Eddie House and Scott Pollard are seasoned NBA players who fill specific roles. House is going to be the main perimeter option off of the bench (unless of course Reggie Miller comes back and dawns a green jersey) as well as share some of the backup point guard duties, which he has done in Phoenix, Sacramento and Miami. Last season in New Jersey he served mainly as a reserve at the two-guard spot as the Nets have the talented Marcus Williams backing up Jason Kidd. Rod Thorn has publicly praised House and the
skill set he now brings to the Celtics. Scot Pollard will fill the one of the big man spots as a reserve as he has been a member of three different organizations that have traveled deep into the postseason. While his performance last season was non-existent as he was limited to 24 games because of injuries he knows what it takes to be part of a winning basketball team and play a role. His role is simple, set screens, rebound, defend the post and clean up on the offensive glass. The beauty of Pollard is that he knows and welcomes it. Let’s just hope he stays healthy, keeps the hair styles under control and does not talk to the about drugs at any point. In addition to these two veterans the Celtics will be seeking contributions from a recovered Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, Leon Powe and rookies Glen Davis and Gabe Pruitt. Am I thinking that all of these players will pan out and be good fits this season? No. Not by a long shot but those that are pushing the panic button about the bench need to keep the faith for a little longer that Danny Ainge is going to get the necessary pieces in place to mesh with Boston’s new big three.

Brady Quinn in Camp
Finally Mr. Quinn, agent Tom Condon and the Cleveland Browns came to an agreement last week. I do not want to speculate about who was right and wrong in this situation. I am laying blame on both parties for Quinn missing time. As a fan of both Quinn and the Browns I am happy it is done, but annoyed it took so damn long. Shit Brady, you were left out there during the draft, in the green room, desponded and confused as you were passed over and over until your favorite team as a kid, the Browns traded for the twenty first pick (a great move I thought) and drafted you to become the quarterback of the future. I understand protecting yourself financially down the road but this should have been an easier process. On the flip side the Browns traded next years first round pick to get Quinn, a big time quarterback that they have been craving since Tim Couch turned out to be another one of their first round busts. (I do not mean to sell Charlie Frye short but Quinn has the potential to be a star) So I guess I must ask aloud what the Browns were doing by not expediting the process by coming to terms sooner so they could get this guy into camp. Physically I am sure Quinn is on point but this is the NFL, the National Football League, “where they play for pay.” Mentally Quinn will have some serious catching up to do with the system and he will have to do a significant amount of work to gain the respect of many of his teammates and coaches as missing time in August is not favorable when it comes to rookies, regardless of the hype or talent.

Michael Strahan
Seriously, no seriously, please for your own sake and for the sake of the many loyal Giants fans out there have been supporting you for years, please Mr. Strahan do one of two things. Either get your ass into camp and be the veteran presence you know you could be on a team that could be in the postseason or make that very difficult choice that all that came before you have made, and call it a career. The statement you released thru the NFL on August 5,, was clear, respectful and heartfelt. While that is all well and good, please Michael enough of the talk, make a choice. While it is ultimately your life, your delay is affecting a team, an organization and of course its fans.

With the Flag Football season looming I am headed for a workout and then because I seem to be very lucky I will be at the Madden Launch Party tonight in Time’s Square at the ESPN Zone. It is going to be a fun evening.

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