Thursday, July 26, 2012

The New Journey

For years I have been lucky enough to be around the game of basketball in New York City in a number of different capacities. Not only have I had some great experiences but I have also developed some outstanding relationships with a number of people who will be friends for a very long time. Last year when I chose to change career paths from coach and program director to filmmaker there was no certainty whatsoever that it would work out. From freelance work, to training kids and coaching some youth teams on the side the hustle never stopped in order for me to keep moving forward. Every compliment on my work felt like a bucket and every referral for a new gig felt like a win and by early spring I was building some momentum. Then I got lucky. One of my coaching mentors, Steve Donahue, once said during a lecture, "luck is when preparation meets opportunity." Whether you agree with that or not is here nor there but I got the opportunity to start documenting a high talent New York City AAU basketball team, THE CITY. Since early May I have been there at the gym, at team functions and on the road capturing the ups and downs while competing in this very interesting space. The goal all along was to make a run at the 15U National Championship, and that they did as they became champions in Little Rock Arkansas on Sunday July 15. To be along for that ride, capturing the triumph and how they got there was nothing short of exhilarating. It has all been part of this new journey I have been lucky enough to embark on. Funny though, how it comes back to the game that help set the foundation for where I am today. 

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