Friday, July 27, 2012


Hard to believe it is 19 years ago. He had such a way about him on the court. It was this lethal type of grace he moved with, with and without the basketball. Whether he'd surprise you with a thunderous two hand dunk, stop on a dime and nail a jumper in his defenders eye or block your shot Reggie Lewis could flat out play ball. He was the NEXT captain. The torch was being passed. Was a dynasty guaranteed? Not even close. But a great career and more importantly a great life was ahead. Then July 27, 1993 happened. I'll always remember being up at Camp Wah-Nee in CT. It was our off day between our two biggest basketball tournaments of the summer. At the age of 15 I understood what I was hearing when my buddy Joey Morgan shared the news but I couldn't really comprehend it. In many ways I still don't. Remember Reggie Lewis...

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