Monday, November 14, 2011


As many of us have been caught up watching the disgraceful news from Penn State or the pathetically humorous republican party debates you may have missed what happened in the Midwood section of Brooklyn last week. Anti-semitism and hatred reared its evil face on the community on the anniversary of one of the most painful days in the history of the Jewish people,  Kristalnacht, which occurred 73 years ago when the Nazi's took a drastic step in their quest for the "final solution" and destroyed countless homes and synagogues in Germany and Austria. 

On Ocean Parkway in Midwood three cars were set on fire, KKK was written on a van and swastikas were written on a park bench. This sickening cowardly act prompted an immediate response from both authorities and the community. Midwood is a neighborhood where there is not only a very high Jewish population but a population of Halocaust survivors as well. Maybe these hateful degenerates don't follow the Jewish community and history enough to realize that this will only make us stronger as a people. Maybe these cowards don't have the intelligence to realize what "NEVER AGAIN" means. Amazing that with so much pent up hate and anger they have to tip toe around in the middle of the night after getting boozed up and light cars on fire and destroy public property with their message of hate. The Jewish people will not be intimidated by this ignorance and violence, which was obvious by their march in Midwood this past weekend. It is obvious because of organizations like Fuel for Truth ( who are arming people with information and facts about what is really taking place in the world. The Jewish people in New York and all over the world will stick together in the face of hate and anti-semitism, it will take more than a couple of clowns hiding in the night to shake us. 

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