Saturday, November 26, 2011

It appears the NBA is back...

Going into the Thanksgiving weekend I had this feeling we would be coming out of it with an NBA season on the horizon. While enjoying a Friday lunch with my parents I turned to my dad and said "I think they are going to get it done this weekend, they kind of have too",  in which he nodded in agreement as he was clearly enjoying what was left of on his plate.

With the NFL having a strong campaign after coming to an agreement in time to have a full season and the NBA having it's best four season run since the Michael Jordan Bulls era, this had to get done. In an economy that has people more than concerned about another damaging recession potentially on its way the billionaire owners and millionaire players seem to have come to their senses. Over the past several weeks I have gotten many messages about the lockout and many wondering if I would be okay without a season. While I am a huge fan of the Celtics and the league for that matter, it is the game itself that clearly trumps my love of the NBA. So what if there were no season? What would I do? Well between college, high school, grassroots and playing mediocre pickup I would more than manage. I guess we all get to a point in our lives where something like this which has given us great joy and will continue to do once the season begins just isn't as much of a priority any longer. Now that is not say my love for the Celtics and interest in the league will waiver, I guess I have just gotten to the point where if there were no season there would be plenty of other things, both basketball and non basketball related to keep me more than occupied and happy. Now that it is here I will welcome it, just with a different mindset than in the past. That is until the Celtics face the Knicks for the first time, that will be the night it will go down like it used to.

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