Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scal = 5 Straight

The 34-9 defending NBA Champion Boston Celtics recently went through a 2-7 slump which had many worried, including the Coach. Then news of an injury to bruising center Kendrick Perkins put Head Coach Doc Rivers in an interesting position. Do I start one of my key big bodies off of the bench (Leon Powe or Glen Davis) or do I roll the dice and start a guy that doesn’t play much but knows our system well and will mesh well with the first unit until Perk returns. Well Doc went with Brian Scalabrine and the Red Head has helped the Celtics rip off five straight wins including a thrashing of the Phoenix Suns last night in Boston. Scal and Garnett matched up with Shaq and Amare in the early stages before Leon and Big Baby got their chances and they never let the Phoenix front line get going. Scal made sure he leaned on Amare each trip down the floor defensively and busted his butt up the court after each Celtics stop to put pressure on the slower retreating Suns. In basketball it is sometimes just as much about the role players as it is the stars and this is a perfect example. Scal will give you what he can every night: good defense on and off the ball, wise decision making and on those special nights he’ll find his groove from behind the arc and knock out a couple of open 3’s. Heck he is even getting to the rim for a few dunks as you can see below. During the five wins he is averaging 8 points per game but again it is the little things and the chemistry that don’t show up in the box score, you need to watch the game with a close eye for things like that.

Coach is on the move like Tony and Jack…


ybloc said...

what nothing about the lakers, and the best bench in the league??

or how they thrashed lebron and the cavs last night, yes the same lebron who thrashed the celts...you do the math!!

when does marbury lace up the green starbury's for the first time??

Bluth's Bitch said...

Celtics suck... Point blank
Doesn't matter that they have won five straight, they are an old washed up team that won't even make it to the finals.
Kevin Garnett is the only decent player on the team, while Ray Allen is way over the hill, and Paul Pierce is the biggest drama queen in the league. The BS he pulled in the finals "hurting his knee" was the most pathetic thing i'd ever seen. You should be ashamed to be a fan of that team, no matter how lucky they got last year.

Even the Knicks kicked their ass, and quite honestly that means that you, being a Celtic fan in New York are clearly second class.

The Coach said...

First off, change your posting name, Bluth's name should not be associated with such ignorant basketball thoughts. But thanks for reading the blog.
You don't get lucky and win 66 games then a championship, that is not luck. Ray Allen is having a terrific season and Paul Pierce is one of the toughest and most durable players in the Post-Jordan era.

As for the loss at MSG goes, the Knicks played very well and the Celtics didn't. It was a good win. What place are the Knicks in?

Thanks for reading.

The Coach said...

Colby, great point about the Laker bench which is on the Coach's hit list as well as who is the biggest challenger in the West for your Purple and Gold.

The thought of LeBron in that game is still keeping me awake at night.

I am hoping the Marbury thing never, I mean NEVER happens.