Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Ears are still Ringing!!!

It is Tuesday and the Coach still can't get King James' message out his head. It was Friday night!!! It has been 4 days!!! I am still seeing the KING...and his out of this world performance against the Champion Celtics with every thought I have about the game.

The victory for the red hot Cleveland Cavaliers over the suddenly slumping and bewildered Boston Celtics was quite a statement. Before I can even speak about my un-recognizable Celtics I need to say this, Friday's performance by LeBron James was one of the best all around performances I have seen in a very very long time. He did it at both ends all night. As his stat line was off the gage (38 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 blocks and 3 steals) but it was hs will to dominate the Celtics that was most clear on the floor in Cleveland.


Through my travels and young career I have been very lucky as far as meeting people and who some of my friends are. My man at the Swoosh sent me this on BBM during the 2nd half as Cleveland was burying the Celts; "Bron told his Nike sports rep that tonight I am goin to ice that m*th@r f*ck#r." LeBron was obviously directing that at Paul Pierce as those two have a pretty interesting history which of course is highlighted by last season's epic 7 game Eastern Conference Semi-Final series. Now you may ask why I included the BBM, and may just say it was one game, but here is my concern, Pierce looked shell shocked for most of the game. I have seen Pierce have off nights, I have seen him beaten by the his opponent but this was a thorough ass kicking to say the least. To me this was a big game for both teams, home court must be had, messages must be sent, the Cavs sent a major one with that victory and LeBron flat out told the Celtics that this conference is going to be his again.

Sticking with my Celtics they just haven't looked right since Christmas. Did the 19 game streak take that much out of them? Was is it just a matter of time before a slump came? Maybe the lack of scoring punch off the bench is catching up to them. Danny Ainge has been on the phones for the last two weeks and made at least one attempt to acquire JJ Redick from the Magic to give the Celtics some additional shooting off the bench, but Orlando isn't bitting. The Magic believe they are title contenders right now with the Celtics, Cavs and Lakers and there is no way they ae gonna put themselves in position to help the Celtics.

The Celtics are trying to right the ship by winning a back to back against Toronto but it took overtime at home to get it done last night after Ray Allen's eight 3 balls lead them north of the boarder on Sunday. Brian Scalabrine has been inserted into the starting lineup for an injured Kendrick Perkins (big Perk hurt his shoulder gain, yes the one that was operated on last off-season) Paul Pierce delivered like the Truth knows how last night with 39 points as he is attempting to put the LeBron thrashing behind him. Think about how scary this is, Pierce is a physical player, he is 6'6" 230lbs nothing to sneeze at. The King out weighs him by 30-35 lbs and has 3 inches on him, SCARY.

Around the league...

Brook Lopez is quiety becoming the second young star on the Nets right behind Devin Harris. Lopez last night had 31 points and 13 rebounds in a home victory over Oklahoma City. On the season he is at 10.7ppg 7 rpg and 2 bpg, not bad for a rookie who many thought would be a bench player at best in the league. Another wise decision by Rod Thorn. If the Nets could just figure out how to get people in the building this 19-19 team would be able to build some more excitment...

This just in from New York this morning: Eddy Curry’s former driver hit him with a lawsuit on Monday with a laundry list of allegations, one crazier than the next. According to the suit, Curry solicited gay sex from his driver “in the nude,” allegedly telling him, “Look at me, Dave, look” and “Come and touch it, Dave.” This is flat out creepy, I mean to do that would take some effort on Curry's part and we all know that doesn't happen too often. This sounds like a pissed off employee who Curry has stiffed out of some cash to the Coach. We'll see what develops.

Sticking with the Knicks, New York won in New Orleans last night, that is serious!!! The Knicks scored 32 points in the 4th quarter against a quality western conference opponent in their building. Al Harrington, Wilson Chandler and David Lee combined for 63 points as they are becoming a very interesting front line that is tough to match up with because of their skill sets and verstility. This is a win the Knicks can know refer back to when they are in tough spots down the road.

I am on the run like Bauer and Almeida...

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ybloc said...

1. great post "coach", if that is your real name.

2. if i were a celtic fan i'd be worried...

3. can i see more pics of you and lebron??

4. please stop calling him "king" as he has no royal blood running through his veins.

thanks and keep up the good work!!