Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What a Run!

Meet Cleveland's Mr. Clutch, Jhonny Peralta.

For those that want or need an apology for the two month absence, I am deeply sorry, I know there must be thousands of you out there that had an inner void without the Coach's Take for the last 60 days. Time got short between the end of my summer wedding tour, being back at work, the start of Legends football, my party regiment and of course moving to the Gramercy Estate. Damn, I have gotten a lot done.

In a summer that was unfortunately highlighted by Bonds, Vick and Donaghy the sports world is once again coming into its own and on the “Up and Up” as we have gotten into the fall. Well, at least for the coach, the Patriots and the Colorado Rockies.

The Browns are scoring points like the cardiac kids of the early 80’s and are 3-3. The Celtics just completed a wonderful training camp trip to Rome and London to start off there quest for a NBA Championship. Then we have the Cleveland Inidans. The team that has taken it’s toll on my father since they last won the World Series in 1948 and a team that I have broken up with and got back together with as much as that 24 villain back in the IC days. After last night’s 7-3 win over the Red Sox the Tribe is ONE WIN away from the World Series!!! WOW!!! They beat the Yankees on hallowed ground in the Bronx thanks to gutsy pitching, timely hitting and a team chemistry that is as good as any we have seen in modern day pro sports. These guys genuinely love each other and it is showing on the field.

I do not like to brag or gloat about predictions I make but here are two I need to share. When the team acquired Kenny Lofton this summer I pumped my fist immediately (I know, not many pump there fist and yell about a mid summer baseball transaction involving a 40 year old outfielder brought back to the city where he shined the brightest back in the 90’s, but that is what I do) I just knew he’d have a major hand in this run whether they were the division champs or wild card, whether they would’ve beaten the Yankees or not, I just knew he’d be a MAJOR contributor. See what is written about Lofton by many of the writers is complete bull shit. The guy gives his team a jolt every where he goes and has one priority, contribute to a winner. And in these story book playoffs he has done just that. Between his hit parade and diving catch against the Yankees and game 3’s 2nd inning homerun into the Ohio night Lofton has raised his game to new, well at times old heights and is playing every out for the city of Cleveland and all of his former Tribe teammates that were so close so many times in the 90’s but could never win it all. His hunger for that ring is apparent with how he is playing and the way he is raising the level of his Tribe teammates.

Last night in Game 4 (Paul Byrd another gutsy performance on the mound) Lofton singled with 2 outs in the 5th after the Tribe had scored 6 runs and lead 6-0. The Red Sox were on the ropes, they were shaken by how the Indians rallied for this 5th inning explosion. Lofton knowing what the Red Sox present offensively knew the game was not over and he was determined to get himself into scoring position. With Boston needing to concentrate on Casey Blake at the plate who started the rally earlier in the inning with a lead-off homerun, Lofton got a great jump and broke for second. Mirabelli’s throw was dead on but it did not matter Kenny beat it. Two pitches later Blake blooped a single to center and Lofton scooted home, an insurance run that after back to back to back Red Sox solo homeruns in the 6th was quite comforting. I almost forgot to add that that steal by Kenny pushed him past Ricky Henderson for most career post season stolen bases with 34. Kenny Lofton is a hall of fame player, period. He is doing a fine job of reminding everyone in the baseball world of that this October.

My other prediction on this series was that the Red Sox were making a huge mistake by starting Dice K in Cleveland for game 3 instead of at home in Boston in game 2. I am not going to rant about it. I was dead on, plain and simple, thanks largely in part to Lofton and Jake Westbrook who pitched an awesome game as his sinker ball was magnificent forcing ground ball after ground ball.

3 down, 1 to go.
Wednesday off and then Sabathia vs. Beckett on Thursday night.
Let’s Go!!!

Shout outs are back…mad props to The Legends, Grant and Jessica, Mac and Parks, Jared and Alana (congrats to you all on your moves), 3 Steps, PR, Rah (may need a break from Lotus for at least another week kid) Jordan (CFA is a wrap, congrats!) The Fam, and of course the brand new Gramercy Estate!

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