Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enough Preseason Already...

Ray Allen attacks the hoop at MSG last night.
The Celtics open the season next Friday Novemeber 2nd
at home against the Washington Wizards.

I know last night was only a preseason game between the Knicks and the Celtics. I also know that last week in Boston the Celtics beat the Knicks by 40 points. What I am trying to figure out is what Jamal Crawford was trying to prove last night by knocking Ray Allen into the base of the basket at MSG. Are you trying to show the Knicks won’t get pushed around? Or perhaps Jamal is trying to show off his 15 pounds of muscle he put on in the off-season (I learned that by watching the Knicks season preview on MSG before the game last night hosted by Al Trautwig. Talk about a fluff piece. Unreal what MSG thinks is quality programming. At one point Mardy Collins was mentioned in the same sentence as Walt Frazier. Enough!) Either way it was completely uncalled for and will remain in the backs of the Celtics minds for the next time they meet. Good idea giving Allen, Garnett, Pierce and Co. more motivation, typical genius by the Knicks brain trust.

Gotta love Nate Robinson pounding his chest like it was a key April game last night. Now I love the effort and explosiveness he brings to the court but he may want to tone it down a little bit or Isiah might get jealous. Speaking of Coach Thomas, will this be the year he gets the most out of his talent? He spoke very highly of the defensive talent on the current club, I guess I need to double check the roster and do some homework. Last time I checked Curry, Randolph, Crawford, Q-Rich and Marbury were not getting checks for anything they are doing on that end of the floor. If Isiah can get them to buy in and play great team D which will create transition opportunities which the Knicks desperately need to compete, then my hat goes off to him.

With the season finally around the corner the Coach will have his NBA season preview up at the end of the week for you to enjoy this weekend.

Good luck to the Red Sox and the Rockies in the series…Coach has checked into full hoops mode.

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