Monday, April 13, 2015

The Stretch Run...

Every year many state, "the season is too long" or "these games are meaningless." With the NBA's regular season concluding on Wednesday evening there will be eight games with playoff implications happening. Seeding, playoff births and in turn teams in the draft lottery will all be decided. The future of certain franchises, specifically the Thunder, Pelicans, Nets, Pacers and Celtics are all in the balance as it is postseason or lottery pick. So all of those February winter nights where you put on the college games or caved because the girl friend wanted to watch some Netflix or dare I say while cringing, reality TV, were nights where those games did indeed matter. Tie breakers, home court and ultimately who plays in the NBA's thrilling second season are decided with each and every win and loss throughout the season. 

Before Monday evening's games only the following was certain in the playoff picture:
-The Hawks and Warriors are the top seeds in each conference
-The Cavs are the #2 seed in the east
-The Mavs are the #7 seed in the west
-The Wizards are the #5 seed in the east 
-The Blazers can be no worse than #4 in the west as division winner 
(another topic for another time) 

THAT IS IT. No match ups are set, the Pelicans and Thunder are battling for the final spot in the west, with the Celtics, Nets and Pacers fighting for the final two spots in the east.

Safe to say each and every possession at this point is crucial.

Enjoy the frantic finish, which will set up what promises to be another epic NBA postseason. 

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