Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is official...

For years I have been trying to stretch summer through September. Outdoor hoops, ladies still in tank tops, Sunday fun day sunshine and no need for long sleeves make it easy. With October approaching time is officially running out on my summer, which was beyond adventurous. Between documenting the journey of a NYC AAU Team that brought back a National Championship to the mecca (web series on the way presented by ENEW FILMS and AWESOMENESSTV) producing some new content with RBA Sports at the new Basketball City, starting production on another film "Wah-Nee Pride", sending twelve kids from urban backgrounds to summer camp through the newly formed Billy G Scholarship Fund and oh yeah, seeing Pearl Jam at Made in America amongst other great creative performances and screenings I would have to say it was a pretty exciting summer 2012.

Now we are onto fall. Blazers, Guinness at Molly's, NBA hype and oh yes, the NFL.

I am not going to write one of those 2007 marathon posts about what an embarrassment this has been to everyone who has ever been associated with the shield, that so many hold such respect for. Hell, I played division III football and I am beyond embarrassed about what has gone on. To take it a step further I told my father earlier today as we were sitting in his living room starving ourselves that I am NOT watching another game until they bring the real officials back... period.  I know, I know, not the craziest boycott you have ever heard of but you have to start somewhere.

Below is part of a piece done by a talented young writer that will be contributing to THE COACHS TAKE this fall, Lance Jr. who had this to say:

The Seahawks/Packers game this past Monday night tipped the scale significantly.  With constant talk, ridicule, and slander, the replacement referee situation is a hotter topic than ever and it boiled over Monday.  The referees made the clearest wrong call they have all season (even after official review), giving the Seattle Seahawks the game-winning touchdown over the Green Bay Packers as time expired.  The ball was definitely intercepted and controlled by defensive back M.D. Jennings, prior to Golden Tate’s attempt to corral the ball as well. How does this get confused? 
(Lets forget all about the offensive pass interference on Tate prior to the catch too.)

What this means for the NFL and for professional sports in general is more controversy that isn’t needed and it taints professional sports.  Despite the sky-high ratings this is bad publicity for all, as it further puts officiating in a position that absolutely can affect the outcome of a game.  We’ve seen officiating and bad calls disturb the atmosphere of both MLB and the NBA before, and now it is more prominent in the NFL than ever because of replacement officials.  This puts the NFL at high scrutiny because of what is going on with the referee lockout, and it definitely puts pressure on Commissioner Goodell and all involved to come to a solution fast.  This is bad for pro sports, and mistakes like these cannot continue to happen on professional and grand stages, especially Monday Night Football.

The basketball coach and Celtics fan in me can't help but to think back to Game 2 of the eastern conference finals last spring in Miami. Rajon Rondo was playing the game of his life with the Celtics trailing 1-0 in the series. With 1:33 on the clock in the 4th and the game tied at 103 Rondo drove to the tin and was hit in the face as he tried to finish. NO CALL. The result... Udonis Haslem gets a dunk in transition and the Heat take a 105-103 lead and take the game to go up 2-0. The Celtics lost an epic series in seven games. Would the Celtics have won game 2 if the official did his job? Maybe. Would they have won the series? Maybe. It would have been nice to find out. My point is that officials, refs and umpires should NEVER decide the outcome of a game. When the officials are invisible that means they are doing a GREAT job.

For the NFL to put the game of football and the players safety and careers at risk because they don't want to share more of the pot of gold with the referees and their union is flat out greedy, stupid and wrong (it is a holiday so I am keeping it clean for today only)

Hopefully this is the week the NFL returns to where it should be, if not... I'll be at the movies.

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