Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deadline and the Dance

Lots brewing as we head into the lunch hour with tip-off for the NCAA and the clock ticking on the deadline.

Lets begin with a low seed that will make some noise, Long Beach State, book it.
Very excited for to watch Colorado State and Murray State with Raf and Vern.... MAN TO MAN!!!
I also like Montana to give Wisco their monies worth today.

The deadline, wow, where to begin.
Orlando guilted Dwight into staying, pretty amazing. They should try to trade him to China though just to see what he would say.
With Dwight now "definitely" staying this heavily effects the thought process of some other teams starting with the Nets.
What do you do now if you are the Nets? Imagine going to BK with no star power?

D...D....D.... D'Antoni!!! Wow, he quits and the Knicks play hard and win a home game against a team they are supposed to beat as Portland is sinking faster than Santorum in the eyes of anyone who claims to see sane. Why couldn't they play hard last week? Does this mean Melo and his needs have defeated Linsanity? Will Lin still be a factor? Will the Knicks play defense? One thing is for sure, which John Mac stated yesterday, Amare needs to start bringing it, and bring it big. The Knicks should be scoring 110 points a night with their fire power, but that means playing with FIRE, on both ends! Let me explain how this works: If you get stops, rebounds and pressure people you can get into transition and run where easy baskets occur. Again, not rocket science.

Many rumblings on the trade front, here is what we got:
Danny Ainge is trying to mind fuck someone into giving the Celtics a big man as Chris Wilcox who was giving them great minute is now out for the season as he needs heart surgery. Wow. Green, now Wilcox. Can the Celtics make a trade and get Perkins back? The Kings want to rid themselves of JJ Hickson and Chris Kaman is available. Ainge needs to make both happen so the Celtics can make one more run at it. DO IT DANNY, DO IT.
Many teams are calling about Ray Allen as he has an expiring deal. The Celtics are looking for a young talent and a pick, Probably won't get both but worth the attempt.

Word out of LA is that a deal for Beasley is almost done, but don't they need a guard? What will this deal lead to? I am confused.
Just keep giving the the ball to Bynum, period.

The Pacers bolstered their backcourt by adding Leandro Barbosa and the Sixers added a wing with range in Sam Young from the Griz.

The Nets will reportedly NOT move Deron Williams. The Lakers called and offered Pau Gasol. Not happening.

Portland wants out from Gerald Wallaces contract. He is a strong piece but at a high price, probably not going anywhere.

The Griz are working out Gil Arenas and looking to deal OJ Mayo.

Time to watch Raf and Vern, back in a bit

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