Friday, November 4, 2011

NBA Friday!!! Well, it would have been nice...

Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is closer than you think and tonight would have been a terrific evening to kick back, crack a seasonal brew and watch some hoop. With a slate of games that would have featured the Thunder hosting the Pacers, the Celtics in the ATL, the Lake show in Phoenix and an early battle for Texas with the Spurs hosting the champion Mavericks I would have been content. But as this goes from weeks to months, and both college and high school season begin (yes, I said high school) I think people are going to care less and less about the lockout and when, or if it will end.

If you love basketball, then you love basketball. Besides the ridiculous shifts in some major conferences college basketball is still of high quality. When that conference schedule begins and I can get a dose of Musburger and Knight from Lawrenceville on Monday, Vern and Raff from Stores on a Wednesday,  or Nance and Kellogg from Chapel Hill on a Sunday afternoon the last thing I am going to be thinking about is wondering about who we could have been watching on TNT or the league pass instead. Being that I am in New York City I will have more than enough options to go see some high level high school in person and not pay $10 a beer or be pissed off when I ask for well done fries and they still give me the soggy joints.

With NBA 2K12 out in full effect and ESPN and HBO both giving us high quality content such as Unguarded and Prayer for a Perfect Season I am confident that besides missing my team in green just a little bit I will be fine with or without a season. This is coming from a basketball head who has been living, eating and breathing the game for quite a long time. So while I do not fault the players one bit as the owners put themselves in this position I have to say to both sides you best figure this out soon or the masses may start to sound like me.

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