Saturday, February 26, 2011

An All-Star Week to Remember

In 2009 I was lucky enough to experience my first all-star weekend, and I did it right. Thanks to one of my cabinet members I was VIP for 4 days in Phoenix, accommodations, parties, events, everything, it was a special experience. But this time around in LA it was business as I was fortunate enough to both create a pair of basketball clinics thanks to Powerade and be a part of the Nike Los Fearless Event in downtown Los Angeles.


Thanks to Nike I was able to lead a basketball clinic to start off the day Saturday morning with participants from the Kids in Sports organization in LA. I was surrounded by a tremendous staff that included Robbie Davis of Game Shape Inc. and Rex Kalamian an NBA assistant coach with the Oklahoma City Thunder who made my job very easy, considering I was doing a clinic spread out over five courts that were set in a tunnel in downtown LA. It was an unreal set up.


As director of Chain Link Fundamentals I am fortunate to be in a circle where I do very positive on court basketball programming that translate into communicating the importance of life skills such as education, communication, teamwork and work ethic using basketball as the vehicle. I was lucky enough to connect with LA’s Best and the After School All-Stars, which are two youth organizations that provide positive after school activity and mentors for the youth of Los Angeles. To top it off I had a great coaching staff made up of local high school and AAU coaches and got to hold the clinics at a class-A facility, the Galen Center on the campus of USC.


Being able to work on such positive and dynamic events doing something I am both experienced in and passionate about puts me in a very fortunate position. As March Madness and the spring approach I cannot imagine what is next for me, but I am sure as always it will be exciting.


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