Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Thoughts...The Season Creeps Closer

On this rainy fall Friday in October the Coach is in many places. Physically my ass is at my desk at easily one of the strangest places anyone could ever work regardless of their profession.

Mentally, my mind seems to be all over the map even more than usual. The season is coming but there is just so much change going on that it is hard to keep up and roll with it all at one time…PAUSE.

As I am sitting here at my desk with some of the music Quentin Tarantino used in Inglorious Basterds blasting away, I was just interrupted by the head of the lower school where I work, who is one of the biggest schmuck’s around (I think I am being to kind, how about dick weed?)

He walked to my door, which is located 6-8 feet outside the elevators and asked “Do you know who is operating this elevator? First off, how about a good morning??? Secondly you are one of the heads of school and you spend each morning marching around making sure the elevators are being run like Charlie Company, enough!!! No Coach don’t know who is operating this elevator, Coach be sipping his coffee and painting a picture with words with a World War II soundtrack!!! Get out of my space!

So back to what I was saying, shit is changing, and life keeps getting more complicated but things always seem to simplify themselves when the season arrives. You get in that groove and seem to hit your stride when you know it is game night, whether you are coaching it or just watching it.

Though Coach bleeds Celtic green there is nothing like walking into Madison Square Garden in New York for the first time in a young season, whether it be college or pro (Yes, despite their record there was a good Knick buzz in the building for a large part of last season) You always manage to run into someone you both want to talk to as well as someone you want to avoid the stop and chat with at all costs. (LD and the Coach are very much alike in that way, as well as enjoying the company of such a fine man as Leon.)

Yesterday during an email thread with the fantasy basketball league members for this upcoming season I received an email from a friend and a fan of the coach which read, “When coach takes it baseline he takes it hard to the tin!" -- Coach! At some point last season I guess I had resorted to talking about when I used to have a little game on the court and my love for the baseline drive in one of my posts. It always makes you feel pretty when someone is quoting you, well usually. After reading it a few times it made me think about the fact that we only get one shot at this thing, this game of life, it's time to start leaving it all out there again like the playing days of the 90's.

On Wednesday Coach was fortunate enough to be a guest of the Pistol at the Jimmy V dinner to benefit cancer research. Always a great night, always a time to reflect on how lucky we are to be healthy. When the Pistol almost got sucked into a 5K party package at the Zone there was a big buzz in the room a he was working the crowd the way Brandon Tierney couldn’t do that night (damn, he was painful) When Hannah Storm mentioned that Charles Smith was in the audience Coach couldn’t help but consider doing the unthinkable, “Smith…Smith….Smith again” out loud, which was also presented in my twisted head during All-Star weekend. Thankfully Coach restrained, though the bidding and auction portion of the evening needed another bolt of lightning.

So as this is the time for some tough decisions and the time to take some big shots for the Coach lets all embrace the 2009-2010 season which is right around the corner. Time to get that Chip back…

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