Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Draft Mania Has Begun With...Yes...a Trade

We are 48 hours away from the NBA draft and a major trade has gone down in the association.

The Milwaukee Bucks have traded Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto.

This move is very clear from both sides. The Spurs needed to get younger and add some more perimeter scoring, they have done that successfully with Jefferson.

The Bucks needed to stay away from the luxury tax as they are trying to resign restricted free agents Ramon Sessions and Charlie Villanueva.

To the Coach this is a steal for the Spurs and an unfortunate MUST DO for the Bucks.
The Spurs if healthy will have a chance to be in a great position to challenge the Lakers for the Western Conference next season. San Antonio will have to add another big to play with and behind Duncan, but know with Jefferson in the mix it needs to be a role player who can defend and rebound, not necessarily score. Antonio McDyess anyone?
He can play the 4 or 5, defend the post and knock down the mid range jumper, he must be on the Spurs radar.

With draft night less than 48 hours away this is just the beginning of a flurry of moves.

Stick with the Coach to carry you through the craziness during draft week and this summer.

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ybloc said...

i sure would love to see a mock draft out of the coach's take.

johnny flynn to the knicks???

come on coach, tell me i will have a reason to cheer on the god awful knicks...'cuse baby!!