Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Blogging Hiatus...a regret but needed

So the Coach has been getting some heat for being away from the blog for a while and rightly so, well, maybe. As many of you know the Coach lives an action packed life, and in order to live that life one needs a certain amount of paper in the account to do so, which is part of the reason why you have not heard from the coach. The other of course has been the NCAA tournament which needs my full attention, so doing any sort of madness blog as fun as it would be to read has not been possible simply because I have been glued to the screen.

I am not going to lie, it has been an odd stretch since my last post which had Marbury land with the Celtics. Since then though the Celtics have been tough to watch and talk about simply because KG was still out and the team was starting to really labor without him. The injury bug continued to hit, next taking Rondo, then Baby, now Leon, all while Tony Allen (thumb) and Brian Scalabrine (post concussion syndrome) are out indefinitely. At first I wasn't nervous as I thought the rest would do KG just fine for the playoff run as long as he came back when the knee was ready. But here is coach's current concern: will the chemistry be there when the second season starts next month? That is the chief concern along side getting EVERYONE healthy.

Now some of you are sitting there actually thinking about the Celtics while others are saying "I still don't understand why three weeks have past since his last blog?" Like I mentioned above things have been happening so when I say "things" I mean my basketball program that I launched last fall in NYC, Five-Star Basketball NY. We have gone from instruction, programs to clinics and training now to travel/AAU teams and training this spring, it has taken up a lot of time. Coach is also recruiting public school players for his prep school program in lower Manhattan for next fall and beyond.

One thing I regret not blogging live was the 6-OT Syracuse UCONN game that Coach caught live with the Pistol during the Big East Tournament, that was something special, something memorable and something exhausting. Flynn, John Flynn was like no player I have ever seen in a multiple overtime situation, he refused to let fatigue set it, he is a special player. Speaking of special how great was Sunday? Pittsburgh and Louisville both pushed to the final minutes by Siena and Oklahoma State, awesome. Coach loved day one at home then at Barfly for the night games and day two last Friday which was quite the day and night. Friday was a marathon day of viewing as some of my boys I don't see much met me in the neighborhood for the afternoon games. With Cornell on at 3pm against Missouri I was real hyped up to see my man Steve D and the Big Red give Missouri everything they could handle, well for about 25 minutes.

Saturday evening's thrillers were viewed from one of the hottest birthday parties in the tri-state area as the Dude turned a real crusty 31. But there was nothing like Sunday at home, bagel spread, iced coffee, blackberry in the other room, one bracket out on the table just watching the games. Appreciating each big hoop, each time Raf said onions, each time Gus Johnson's voice went from grown man to pubescent teen and each time a player would sacrifice their body for the good of the team is what the Madness is all about for the Coach.

Coach is on his way to Island Garden to go over some AAU scheduling for the upcoming Spring season, followed by a trip to the South Shore for some family insanity, well hopefully it will only be dinner.

Spring is almost here which means I am grabbing and icy joint.

The Sweet Sixteen awaits, Coach will be back sooner than you think...

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ybloc said...

no predicitions? no final four guarantees? no talk of the 'Cuse dominating their first two opponents?
i need more coach, i need more!!!

ps - don't be gone so long next time.