Friday, December 5, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly, and oh yeah the plain old stupid!…The Thanksgiving Hangover Edition

The Coach loves Thanksgiving. But this year the long weekend and week that followed went way to fast. Besides family and friends, partying and some rest it is the first time you can truly measure the teams in the Association after a month of play. But before I get to that and all the good that I want to share we need to cover the bad, the ugly and the stupid, you decide which clown fits which description.

I have questions that I know will never be answered in a satisfactory manner, but here they are:
1) What the hell was Plax doing in LQ with a gun in his sweatpants?
2) Why should Stephon Marbury see any of his money?

I follow both New York football teams, as I enjoy seeing them succeed. Hell, last year I went to Lambeau and probably witnessed the best game Plaxico Burress ever played as a pro, which was also one of the best big game performances a receiver has ever had, I like the guy, but what went wrong with him? What did not register after winning the Super Bowl last season? The Giants are the definition of TEAM and PROFESSIONAL, how or better yet why did Plax fall through the cracks here for lack of a better expression? He put the team in a terrible position and put his career and life at risk. Maybe some of these guys need "LIFE" advisors not just agents. Common sense should not be undervalued, not in today's world where everything on and off the field you do as an athlete is under a microscope. Can the Giants repeat as Super Bowl Champions without Plax? Yes. Will it be a lot harder without him? Yes. Has he played his last game in Giant Blue? Unfortunately I think the answer is...YES.

At this point when I hear Stephon Marbury's name it goes past infuriating me. Maybe I'll think of a new word for the new year to describe how I feel about this guy. I am sorry you grew up in the hood Steph and did not have many of the things many of us did when we were kids. I am sorry Steph that you have had to spread your wealth out to your large family over the years. But let's be real here for a minute Steph, you are making over $200,000 per game night!!! That is for practice, games and handling yourself like a professional. Games are not optional!!! Not being a professional at your age should not be an option. The fact that Marbury has refused to play and then refused the buyout Donnie Walsh offered last week is beyond comical. Marbury needs to go away, he is exactly what New York and pro sports DOES NOT need. Those who still support him here in New York (besides his family) should have themselves checked out immediately. Describing him as a team cancer is putting it nicely, try THE PLAGUE!!! Stephon Marbury should be giving his game check to New York City public schools and youth organizations at least then he would not be stealing money from the Knicks. The guy can make cheap sneakers that you could not pay me to wear (when coach takes it baseline he takes it hard to the tin) and the Starbury's to be honest are three steps below Robert Parish's Avia's from 1989.

Sure they helped out kids in communities without the income to buy $100 Nike's but the Starbury craze is over, Steve and Barry's went chapter 11, done. Steph, you have one last chance to do something positive before you disappear to Italy to play or maybe just go back to Coney Island to chill and work with the Lincoln players at practice. I wonder what wisdom he'd try to share with them...But for the last time STEPHON MARBURY PLEASE GO AWAY!

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