Monday, November 12, 2007

Eww Jason Collins...

Chris Paul and the Hornets are off to a 6-2 start after
last nights win at the ZOD.

The New Orleans Hornets defeated the Nets 84-82 in New Jersey last night. While the Hornets have been winning games this season thanks to there own players they got a little something special from the Nets' Jason Collins. With just under a minute to go and ahead by 4 points Collins was stripped by Chris Paul following a defensive rebound. Paul kicked the ball out to an open Morris Peterson who got a clean look at a three pointer. Bang! But there was more than one bang. The first was Peterson knocking down his jumper to cut the 4-point deficit to 1, then the second bang, which was Jason Collins running into Peterson and getting called for a foul which sent Peterson to the line where he tied the game. With 2.6 seconds to go Paul put the Hornets ahead for good with a running right hander with a special kiss but it was Collins who was responsible for the Nets being in a tie game at that point. Nice work JC, way to single handedly cost the Nets the game in the final minute. It is one thing to have minimal impact which is your norm, but to now cost your team the game because you could not protect a rebound and then your clumsy ass runs into a shooter after he released the ball on a three! Wow, you are about as useful as an a*#h*le right here (I am pointing to my elbow, Budd)

Are you kidding me? Striped of the ball like an undersized kid in a mickey mouse hat of his lunch money on a Hoboken playground. Then he lunges into Mo-Pete after he releases the basketball! This guy is really getting paid $6 million per year? Collins who is a starter plays 20 minutes per night. Is that a bulk of the minutes? No. But the guy has ONE field goal this season. One. I know he sets screens and throws his body around but With Vince Carter out indefinitely, with Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson drawing all of the attention from the opposing defenses it might be time to introduce Collins to the end of the bench, and give more minutes to the very talented Sean Williams and Bostjan Nachbar, both of whom can put the ball in the basket and get up and down the floor.

When a guy like Collins contributes with the little things and does not make mistakes despite his limited skills you are fine with it but what happened last night is not excusable. With the Nets in a much improved Eastern Conference where they will be battling with the likes of Boston and Toronto within the division losing games like last night will come back to bite you in the ass when you are trying to secure homecourt in the first round of the playoffs.

Thankfully the Coach is not a New Jersey Nets fan.
Something tells me that Coach Frank knows a change is needed.

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