Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer Time!

The Coach has been gone for a bit, but my writing absence can solely be attributed to me being out there keeping my life moving forward. I should also mention that I have been having a blast in New York especially since my teaching duties have ended. Besides the cold beer, the tight shirts and little skirts that are everywhere coach has been off doing the following:
Since June 14th I have traveled to Iceland, (Yes, the country Iceland)
Was a guest at the NBA Draft

Caught Woody Allen's Annie Hall at the Bryant Park movies
Worked on Melo’s 3 on 3 community basketball event in Baltimore
Gotten back into training, hitting the bars and of course Grilling on the balcony
And last but certainly not least was the Best Man at my brother’s wedding this past weekend.

Some of the latest basketball excitement believe it or not is based around the Boston Celtics. I was lucky enough to be at the NBA Draft. After the draft lottery fiasco (footage to be released soon) I was beyond nervous for what Danny Ainge and Co. were going to do on draft night. Would it be Jeff Green or Corey Brewer? Both who are NBA ready players in my opinion, but both players I did not see stepping into a major role with the Celtics right away, which is what they need. Then there was the option of drafting Yi. This kid is very talented, but a project. The drafting of Yi (who has yet to commit to the Bucks who drafted him at #6 ahead of Corey Brewer) would signal that the team is not interested in doing what is necessary to win now with Paul Pierce and signal more time “rebuilding”, no thanks. So instead of drafting one of these players Danny Ainge and the Celtics rolled the dice. They traded the 5th pick in the draft, which turned out to be Jeff Green, Wally Szczerbiak, and Delonte West for 7 time All-Star Ray Allen. When the deal was announced at the draft I was not sure how to react. I guess with all the KG and Shawn Marion rumors along with not landing in the top 2 of the lottery drawing in May the thought of Ray Allen in Boston never really crossed my mind. What I also could not believe was that the Celtics were able to get rid of Wally’s contract. Now there was a lot to think about on draft night and the stimulation of being there and then having to digest this deal was kind of crazy. Imagining Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson and Ray Allen on the court at the same time knowing you can no longer swarm Pierce with 2 or3 defenders brings an immediate smile to my basketball crazed face. Many of the haters with a column, a blog or a microphone are ripping on the Celtics as far as this deal goes citing Allen’s age and his MINOR ANKLE surgery, which cut his season short last year. Allen is a pro’s pro. He brings it every night, is a team guy and will be able to contribute heavily both on the court, in the locker room and in the community. Oh yeah, he also scored twenty six points per game last year and is second all time in three point field goals made trailing only Reggie Miller. The question that looms is what’s the next move for the Green?

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