Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun Stuff to Carry You to Lunch

Just as we thought the Spurs and Suns closed out their first round series last night with Game 5 victories at home. While the Nuggets played the Spurs pretty tough in their series the Lakers did not have a chance against the Suns who are blazing right now. Performance of the night has to go to Michael Finley who buried 8 from long range on his way to 26 points. The Spurs Suns second round matchup has classic written all over it, I can't wait to preview it! We all know what is going down in Oakland tonight, more on that later.
(Running Down a Dream just came on in the office, that guitar is lethal!)
First here are a few videos to keep your day moving:

ESPN Sportscenter Top Ten Commericals. They never ever get old.

This is one of the funniest and oddest things I have ever seen.
The theme song is classic...

I love this manager, don't cut him off to early, it keeps getting better as it goes.

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